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Overlooking the Douro River, Porto is one of the most ancient European cities. It was born and developed from the northern bank of this river during the Middle Ages. One of the most significant aspects of Porto and its historical centre is its landscape, combining harmony with the urban structure and presenting a frame of rare beauty.

Porto downtown

The city was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996 and was elected Best European Destination 2012 by the european citizens.

When discovering Porto, you will find many surprises. Besides its welcoming and conservative environment, Porto is also contemporary and artistic. This is shown not only in the streets, architecture, monuments and museums but also in the terraces, restaurants and leisure and shopping areas.

Porto has many architectural points of interest like Serralves by the famous architect Siza Vieira or the most recent Casa da Música (Music House built in 2005) from Rem Koolhaas.

Casa da Música

The city is also well known by its Port Wine and the famous cellars from all the wine companies, and the surrounding wine region of the Douro Valley.

Cellars & Port Wine

In the recent years the centre of the city has attracted the attentions of artists and creative industries and became a fashion spot for allthe youth people in the city and also to the tourists that visit the city.

You can travel to Porto by car, train, bus, metro, boat or plain. For more practical information about Visiting Porto please visit the local tourism site at www.portoturismo.pt